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【中学1年】国内ミニ留学 2日目


 夏期集中英語研修 国内ミニ留学の2日目 です。

3つのグループの様子をビデオにし、アップロードしました。それぞれのレッスンの様子がよく分かると思います。 また、グループ5を担当していただいている Ms Leonie Gutzmoreさんとグループ8を担当していただいている Mr Derek Lanthierさんからコメントをいただきましたので、そのまま掲載いたします。


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From Ms Leonie Gutzmore
My time in Johokusaitama has been a lot of fun so far.  My students are all very energetic and enthusiastic about English. I am very impressed with their current English abilities and I look forward to preparing them for the speech contest.  My group are working well as a team and often support and help each other. I hope all of the students have fun during this English program and continue to develop their skills beyond today.

From Mr. Derek Lanthier
Thank you for inviting me to teach at your school.  The students have been great.  They are very enthusiastic about learning English and the culture of other countries.  They were very willing to try playing ice hockey and learned quickly.  I hope to take this experience and continue to learn and improve their English.